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A literally lit literary magazine of lit literary things A magazine—All that's Lit to Print Magazine, in fact A fabulously lit literary magazine composed of too many fools who have no idea that they're entirely useless and—what—well, m'not sure. All that's Lit To Print has a messed up capital letter... Sigh.
By Brandon Cook

There were stares, but he got used to them quickly enough. What he hadn't gotten...more

By Aurora Lynn Mortensen

I prepare to make sheepish eye contact with Rachel, but she doesn't look at me'...more

Snapshot Chat: Tom Jackson, President of Oasis California
By Cecilia Williams

God is about loving people, god is about caring about people, god is about supporting people--not about judging people, not about condemning people...more

Snapshot Chat: Mickey Edwards, Bipartisan Cooperation Advocate and Former Oklahoma Congressmen
Compiled By Rio Popper, Editor-in-Chief

You would think that with more networks people would be exposed to more points of view, but
Bro... more

An Argument Against Occam’s Razor
By Benjy Jude

Verdi was The Master of Italian Grand Opera. He understood people and so composed...more

The Intelligencer
By Ryan Hope

On the forgotten Fridays
Inevitably underwhelming...more

A Love for Game Shows
By Christine Tran

Old photos of my parents
Everything was the same...more

A Deal with God
By Douglas Bregger

Hi, God.
I would like to take your place...more

The Juice is Out
By Michael Adler

GreenPeace. Green Piece. Green Eggs and Ham was Dr Seuss’s most overrated.
It will sleep. It won’t die, just sleep. How sweet Steve Jobs... more

By Alice Ying Shan

Phoenix circles forests and the flames!O’ soldier...more

By Fiona Czerwinski

I look myself in the bathroom mirror
Of the home that is not really mine...more

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