All That’s Lit To Print

Quals v. Becker

By Karl Becker

Day 1, So a guy came over
To the house
And he gave us a—he gave my parents an
Envelope. I didn't hear him say
You've been served
But oh I so wanted
To hear that
Now they are upset and prom
Is around the corner,
Not to mention ACT, IB exams, etcetera etcetera etcetera
Do you know what
Movie that is from?
King and I, Best Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Day 7, So for the past 7 nights, when my parents were with me
They were fine but when
They had talked to each other
It was all
About the case, even if they were in front
Of me. It hasn't gotten bad
It's just not too good.
How can people be so rude
I asked myself
And then my mom answered
By asking it herself.

Day 14, I thought about joking about
This with my friends
But they probably—they being my parents—probably
Wouldn't like that too much
Though they would say
It's fine
And might even think that
My jokes are funny.
It's funny
How the comedy writer
Is often the butt of the
Jokes. It's his fault anyways.

Day 21, A family friend
Who is mucho richo
(Who could just give the man
The five million to make my life
Easier) (Who is a malpractice
Lawyer) called my mom
To tell her that everything will be
Alright. Alright.
Yesterday was my ACT so that stress
Is now gone. But I'm not stressed
About this. This explains why
My parents
Haven't noticed it's my ACT
As much as they would have.

Day 30, I often forget about this
But I think
My parents try to but fail at forgetting.
I wish there was
Something that could be done—
Not by me but by
The guy, or a lawyer, or my brother
Or God. If God is Good why is this Guy suinG us?
Yesterday was prom. Prom was great.
I hadn't thought about the suit
In a while
Because exams and finals and prom
But my parents have.
I want to go back to prom.
Maybe God was at prom. I hope he was at least
There.The Audacity
of Hope. My dad brought up
My grandmother. I even
Forgot my grandmother.
Did I forget the Holocaust?

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