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Abstract Galaxy

Into the Nebula

By Gail Watson

It's late, past twelve in the morning. Manny and I are crouched at the end of the garden, hidden behind the Wendy House. We'd snuck out the kitchen window. It's freezing. The ground prickles our knees. Our teeth are knocking...more


By Brandon Cook

There were stares, but he got used to them quickly enough. What he hadn't gotten...more


By Aurora Lynn Mortensen

I prepare to make sheepish eye contact with Rachel, but she doesn't look at me ...more


By Nicholas Arkison

Such a wanton and gruesome tragedy can never be condoned by civilized ...more


By Madison Foster

One tile after another, forming winding roads and intricate pathways through my living room and down the hallway. Hours and hours of meticulous work. With one gentle...more


The Black Caterpillar

By Clara MacAvoy

My body is too fragile for this road. The asphalt scratches me when I crawl on it, and it is so hot, if I stop I will die and be baked into the pitch...more

Over the Phone

By Claire Lincoln

Our conversations usually end like this; abrupt, mid-sentence. I check the time. It's 1 a.m. We never speak about the time difference, about how calling right before night hours helps Arthur sleep, how I leave my ringer on loud, how I bought two extension cords so I can charge my phone next to my bed...more

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