All That’s Lit To Print

The Intelligencer

By Ryan Hope

My favorite columnist

Publishes an essay every Friday.

(Or, at least, he says he does.)

But then he often misses one.

On the good Fridays,

(Not to be confused with the Fridays before Easter)

I set aside a little time

To indulge in phrasing, words, and even punctuation.

He discusses news

(Trump, Me Too, Brexit, and the rest)

But from him, the corners come together

And caricatures soften and gain dignity.

On the forgotten Fridays

I refresh my window, hoping to find a late update.

And once resigned,

I search for a replacement.

Inevitably underwhelming,

The replacement shrill or dull

(Or often both)

Only gives the paint-by-number’s dots.

© 2017, All That's Lit To Print