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To Eavesdrop: to secretly listen and watch what is said and done in private

By Cecilia Williams

I sat two tables away.

She held the glass loosely, seemingly fixated on the swaying of the liquid.

…Was…, she said. …We were…

Yes, he said, and smiled. He leaned back. …It's okay.

She said something quietly; he asked her something; she let her voice shrill up just a little.

She said Namibia, she said, and then quietly again: …dunno…is.


They paused. She lifted the glass a centimeter or so off the table.

Should I…ask…? Namibia, I mean…like…

Should have…, he said.

Hmm, she put the glass back down. …Sorry.


About Namibia.

Okay, he said, and picked up his own glass.

She picked up hers. The weight of the water passed from index to thumb.

…Was…, she said. …we were…

Yes, he said, and smiled. His glass thudded as he set it down.

He rummaged for something in the backpack on the floor.

She bit the edge of her glass. Perhaps she wondered if it would break. Either way, it didn't. She set it down.

Okay, she said, and leaned back.

The waiter arrived and started chatting. I wanted to know
About Namibia

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