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nine ovals in squares
Leigh Alley

Profiles: 9 is my Favorite Number

By Philip Tyson

He's cold and calculating and brilliant
But vulnerable and unbearable
Sensitive skin
Bleak, blue eyes
The most honest complainer
I've ever known
Insightful; a more-feeling me
Gossip and

She says I put up with her
Searing wrists
Ever-present melting ice
Backboned feminist; don't get
On her bad side
Hermione hair
Very, very vociferous
You'll hear her boyfriend issues, but she's a

Did you bring the knife?
Don't forget lemon-flavored poison
Dark-skinned, white conscience
Overshadowed by rhyming sisters
Soft-spoken (possibly rotten to the core)
She's like a child
And a mother
Industrious, homework in-hand

Tears and laughs
Full-day tirades
Pink and candles
and cats
Cover your ears
For her screams
Adored by children
Childhood buddy, bullied by yours truly

Black, spiky hair and gel
A British-Chinese sister
Stony-faced; negative, but humble
Free-flowing tears
He feels true remorse
Sometimes stricken by fear
Stubborn; grounded
But the best kind of listener

Suicide instigator
Satirical genius
Future physicist
Doesn't really care
Unknown, potential techie
Concrete and scientific
Unswervingly opinionated
Laughing, spewing half-hearted British curses

Make-up; YouTube fangirl
An art-bio dual-major
Reluctant science textbook artist
Transparent gossip
Unassertive; mirror of me
Video games and girly stuff
She's loyal, but resentful
Impressively expressive, faded blue hair

Her crush is my best friend
Platinum, striking, blinding hair
And skin; reminders
Of deep past scars
Healing harmonies and
An outspoken, insanity of a sister
Reliable; silent, shrewd
Unique wires

Young and immature and
A natural leader
Guitar strumming and pecan eyes
Jammin' and weird crushin'
Quirky; uncomfortable in crocs
Free mochi; crappy song suggestions
Chronic liar (like me)
K-Pop rockstar, don't forget the lame self-loathing—lil'

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