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An Argument Against Occam’s Razor

By Benjy Jude

Verdi was The Master of Italian Grand Opera. He understood people and so composed ...more

In regard to the Chemist

By Benjy Jude

At sundown the night before a great famine, he plucked Nitrogen out of the air and ...more

The Grizzly Bear as Metaphor for Freedom

By Zachary Lo

They attack newborns, crushing them and ripping them apart before leaving them to rot...more

My Life is like a Trip to Target

By Aileen Carlson

There’s clothing. There’s food. Stationary. Books. Blankets. Cosmetics. And it’s all so much fun...more

To Eavesdrop

By Cecilia Williams

She said Namibia, she said, and then quietly again: …dunno…....more

Abstract baguettes

How I Learned to Stop Loving and Worry About Baguettes

By Kimberly Yee

Dammit, I came here to flirt with a cute guy, not to explain unintentional distancing from my cultural roots...more

To Whom I Do (and Did) Not Love

By Cecilia Williams

Perhaps your legacy is Morgan's life and Evan's giggle. (I know you never knew him, but he really does giggle. It's incredibly amusing.)...more

Patriotic Critiques of a Nation

By Benjy Jude, Creative Content Manager

The antagonist in this Tolstoy masterpiece is the same as the protagonist in the previous Tolstoy monolith...more

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