All That’s Lit To Print

The Intelligencer

By Ryan Hope

On the forgotten Fridays
Inevitably underwhelming...more

A Love for Game Shows

By Christine Tran

Old photos of my parents
Everything was the same...more

A Deal with God

By Douglas Bregger

Hi, God.
I would like to take your place...more

The Juice is Out

By Michael Adler

GreenPeace. Green Piece. Green Eggs and Ham was Dr Seuss’s most overrated.
It will sleep. It won’t die, just sleep. How sweet Steve Jobs...more


By Alice Ying Shan

Phoenix circles forests and the flames!
O’ soldier...more


By Fiona Czerwinski

I look myself in the bathroom mirror
Of the home that is not really mine...more

The Gremlin's Prayer

By Jake Kieran

And as I lie sprawled on sheets tonight,
Rolling to let ghostly sketches drawn in violet...more

4 $

By Kirsten Larsen

On the shelf they had a black
price tag. Not the red for sale tag...more

a rising moon over a desert landscape

Roadkill Elegy

By Olivia Weissblum

The night after I killed the jackrabbit, I chased the rising moon
out to the spot where I'd left its broken body, and found it there,
just before the six-hundred mile mark, due east...more

faces in squares

Profiles: 9 is my Favorite Number

By Philip Tyson

Young and immature and
A natural leader
Guitar strumming and pecan eyes...more


By Gabriella Montrose

We laughed and thought
how that morning we had known...more



By Birdie Jensen

Dry leaves eddie up.
Windows creak, and skin
Grudgingly attends ...more

Margaret's Helper

By Kirsten Larsen

Margaret's helper
Gave me shoes...more

Pensive in Pink

By Maya Donavan

it's april in washington
and a blanket of cherry blossom snow lines the streets...more

Quals v. Becker

By Karl Becker

Maybe God was at prom. I hope he was at least
There. The Audacity...more

Something About the Car...

By Birdie Jensen

Listened to "oh come on" And got the lyrics wrong
Something about the car... The best lines maybe are...more

Zweiundzwanzig Aßmanshauserstraße

By Olivia Weissblum

Do you have greetings
for a memory
twice reflected?...more

the top of a coffee

A Morpheus Voy

By Cecilia Williams

On Shampoo silk,
And Cappuccino,
On velvet milk...more

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